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caterpillartomoko has started a donation pool!
0 / 10,000
I'm drawing for Points.This is my first time having Point Commissions. Be nice, please? :)

3 Points - 1 Head shot sketches (b/w)
5 Points - 1 Head shot sketches (colour)

10 Points - 1 Half body (b/w)
15 Points - 1 Half body (coloured)

20 Points - 1 Full Body (b/w)
25 Points - 1 Full Body (colour)


What I shall draw :
Original Characters. One at a time. I am not good at couples or groups yet. If you insists, then add on another 5 Points to your request.

Please provide basic description to your character.

What I shall NOT draw :
Nudes, explicit actions, gore, violence.

All completed drawings will be posted to dA.

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TFH : Costume Confusions by caterpillartomoko
TFH : Costume Confusions
I have been watching several videos on TriForce Heroes, and naturally the costume that got my attention was Zelda's costume. 
Just when I thought to myself, "Well snap, the developers decided to have Link wear a dress..", the little bit of doodle idea popped to my mind. Thus this little result.  
TriForce Heroes (C) Nintendo
doodle fan art by caterpillatromoko
base with slight change
The original line art was a bit more.... straight forward to the nasty part.
I thought it would be a little more milder if I changed the facial expression a bit, and add something to show that instead of force, there was some mild intimacy going on. 
My main practice is to try understand fabric folds, as I find trouble with it before. 
The skirt is still rather dull and stiff looking, as if there was nothing between the leg gaps. 
I'm not sure if I should try colour it. But for now, I guess this would be a first for me to try draw something a little out of my league. 

Original base was here :…
Be it from the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson or even Aesop's Fables.
Please make sure you include the title if the fairy tale/fable is less obvious (e.g. King Thrush-beard or Goose Girl or The Twelve Dancing Princesses etc). 
Have fun drawing. 
DrawPlz : Zelda Item by caterpillartomoko
DrawPlz : Zelda Item
Found from this forum thread :…
And I decided to give it a go, seeing that I have not been touching my stylus and graphic tablet for years.... (literally)
Need to draw more.. 
Fairy in a bottle, from Zelda games (C) Nintendo.


Nick Name: Tomoko
Lol don't let that ID fool you I won't do that.

Anyway just some random person in life that has nothing else to do but browsing dA .. as frequent as I can.

Likes :
Nice people, nice food, nice anime/games, RP ( role-playing )

Rude people ( and some other kinds ), smokers (and I mean those who do not consider about others. If there's a friend who smokes but knows how to not do it in front of me, I am ok with him/her. ) , drunks, spicy food, food that's bad for health. Really bad games etc.

Current Residence: Somewhere
Favourite genre of music: OST of games or anime or movies
Favourite photographer: darkphoenix15.
Favourite style of art: pencil and/or pen doodling. Currently practicing tablet doodle
Favourite cartoon character: My likings changes from time to time.
Personal Quote: Sarcastically Sane
Another year has passed, and I have not checked dA for that long.
I honestly can't get used to the interface, and officially more a FB addict than anything.

Life summaries : 

Work : Still at big sister's place to help mom looking after the grandchildren. The kids are growing up and very soon I feel that this .. .. voluntary favour is no longer needed. Studies has been unofficially on long hiatus and I feel that there could be no use to try squeeze myself back in it. Yes, this certainly views as a failure, but I try to keep it as optimistic as I can. After all, it is still not the end of my life. As long as I am breathing and walking, (not to mention to literally go unplug FB and actually go out and meet people), there will still be certain hope. Maybe when I say to big sister than I would leave since the kids are gonna be alright, things might take for a better turn.

Health : Generally health has been alright, thank goodness. Haze here is getting ridiculous.  My mom fractured her wrist back in March, though, and it was 2 months of cement casting, and 2 more months of physiotherapy. She's doing fine now, as long as both she and I keep it in check.
My disabled aunt, however, has a rather nasty case of cataract, and the current challenge is to get to be admitted and go through surgery. Risk is high especially for her since she is deaf and mute at birth--communication is nearly impossible, and because of such, there's no telling what other underlining illness she may have prior to this surgery. Here's hoping things will go well in her favour.

Drawing : Very much degraded. Even dA friends met in real life noticed so.

Any new hobby? Yes, actually <3

One day in April, while I was strolling a local tourist attraction, there was a very small street stall selling ocarinas, just about a dozen of transverse and pendent ocarinas. Some were even cute animal shapes like ducks and whales.
My eyes caught sight of a 12 hole in a deep blue colour made by TNG (which I guess it was the manufacturer from China) , and I was immediately thought of The Ocarina of Time. Sure, there wasn't any Triforce on it, but the impression was there. 
During May a big scaled cosplay event was launched in the state (Penang Anime Matsuri), and I joined a group of volunteers to be guest escorts. The allowance earned at that time and a bit of own pocket money was able to get me that ocarina. Considered it as my own birthday present this year. 

Basically I have no idea how to even play an ocarina, and I often wondered why I wasted some MYR210 for it (which by now it could be around USD50 or so, since due to some bad stuffs, it takes about MYR4.30 to be equivalent to 1USD). But I suppose it was that idea that "Hey, with this I can play OoT melodies," that got me wanted one. After much hands-on by the stall owner, I was able to get the gist on using the linear pattern to get the do-re-mi's. And let's just say since Comic Fiesta Mini 2015 back in September I wanted to bring the instrument with me when I am at an event. In face, having the ocarina was probably the current item that is keeping my emotions in check, as I have been quite stressed out with a lot of things. Being able to try play a tune or two to calm down was a way to test both my skills and my emotions, for I find it that when I am in a bad mood, I can't play, and even if I do play, the melody doesn't sound nice. I don't know how to really explain it, but it seems it's trying to reflect myself. 

Speaking of cosplay, I think I have had enough, and apparently the sudden boom of younger kids who wanted to cosplay to get attention and fame got me flinching. It looks as if it's a race on who is the first to cosplay the newest character from the newest (just-aired) anime series, and post up their cosplay photos to earn FB Likes. It just seems the actual meaning of cosplay was never there -- like some competition. Of course, NOT everyone behaved that way. I actually saw a Sailor Moon (classic anime version) and thank goodness she shared her interest about SM and talking about how it was her first anime when she was a kid. At least there are still people who cosplay for the fandom and not some fashion competition.. and during that time someone actually knows I was playing an ocarina while majority of others just stares and wondered what the heck is that. That's the time I figured why that street stall was up at the tourist attraction spot: not many people here know what's an ocarina. 

So I guess that is all I can write for now. Here's the photo of me holding my ocarina (haven't named it yet) with the stall owner.…  

Hugs and kisses,


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Lots of ups and downs really over here. But I'll keep going.
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