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caterpillartomoko has started a donation pool!
0 / 10,000
I'm drawing for Points.This is my first time having Point Commissions. Be nice, please? :)

3 Points - 1 Head shot sketches (b/w)
5 Points - 1 Head shot sketches (colour)

10 Points - 1 Half body (b/w)
15 Points - 1 Half body (coloured)

20 Points - 1 Full Body (b/w)
25 Points - 1 Full Body (colour)


What I shall draw :
Original Characters. One at a time. I am not good at couples or groups yet. If you insists, then add on another 5 Points to your request.

Please provide basic description to your character.

What I shall NOT draw :
Nudes, explicit actions, gore, violence.

All completed drawings will be posted to dA.

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VII remake reactions by caterpillartomoko
VII remake reactions
I should have thought of this sooner XD 
But yeah, seriously, voting one for Kefka right there, for once... 

Cloud, Squall, Zidane, Bartz, Kefka (C) Square Enix/Nomura 
doodling fan art by me. 
Jurassic World Meme-Wall Market by caterpillartomoko
Jurassic World Meme-Wall Market
After Link with the Cuccoos, I did thought of Cloud with chocobos, but this muse decided to invade my mind. 
FFVII (C) SE/Nomura
JW (C) Universal 
Jurassic Zoo Meme Hylian style by caterpillartomoko
Jurassic Zoo Meme Hylian style
Watched Jurassic World yesterday, and I got a muse to doodle this out. 
Originally wanted 4 Swords' Links but it seems to lack something, so switched to Cuccoos instead. 
Well, at least that is something to keep my drawing muse going. 
Tyro felt a strong grip on his arm, and yanked him backwards.
He could barely reach out for her.
As the tapestry's view faded, he shouted her name.
But she would never have heard him.
In the last moments before darkness clouded his eyes, he could only see the long, brown, braided hair went loose, and the only accessory on the top of her pink bow, the White Materia, fell into the water.
"... ro... Tyro!" a familiar voice called him. Slowly, he opened his eyes.
His teacher, Dr. Mog, was watching over him. Tyro was not sure why his vision was blurry, and watery, but he knew in an instant what happened, and in that same instant, he knew he had wept.
"Doctor Mog!" he gasped, as he tried to get up, but Dr. Mog shook his head.
"But you must send me back!" cried the youth. "She's---!"
"Tyro." said Dr. Mog, and in his calm tone, Tyro stopped what he was going to say, and the moogle asked him:
"What is the duty of a Record Keeper?"
Tyro's expression changed. In a trembling tone, mixed with grief and sadness, he replied.
"To preserve and upkeep the Great Chronicle as it is, unchanging."
Unchanging... that was perhaps the most difficult word for him to say.
"Yes, Tyro." said the moogle as he pat the young Keeper's shoulder. "We, as Record Keepers, upholds that duty. To change what was written in the archive is an offense to The Great Chronicle, and a sign of neglect in our duties."
Tyro did not speak anything. He knew perfectly well. Dr. Mog was right.
"You, like so many others before you, had perhaps felt a greater impact about Aerith's Records. Not Tellah, not Galuf, nor General Leo.. but Aerith. You wanted to change her fate, didn't you?"
"Yes, Doctor.. I did.." Tyro removed his cap, in gesture of remorse.
"Tyro, " said the moogle, as he looked at the tapestry of Aerith's Records. "If there is something I have learned in my years of a Keeper, it was this : There are things beyond our control, and cannot be changed. In days to come there would be variations of the Records where, no one would have known the Truth, misguided with false endings and false hopes, in order to cast innocent eyes away from the brutal truth. If you had changed Aerith's Record, would the future Keepers know her true story?"
Tyro paused long and thought hard.
".... No, Doctor... that would be an insult for her memories.." said Tyro, holding his tears.
"Now, do you need some respite?" asked the moogle.
Tyro looked up, the Hall of Records still look dreadful from the very first impact of the mysterious attack, but he looked at the few tapestries that had restored their original state, and noticed the faint glimmer around them. Magic was at work. Those were the ones fighting to hold the Kingdom from perishing.
"No, doctor. Let us get going." said tyro, putting back his cap. "Where are we heading next?"
"Great Archive XI." said the moogle. "You might encounter similar scenario with the previous, are you sure you ---"
"Dr Mog. I'll be fine. " said Tyro with new determination.
"Then, let's go." said the moogle, and he started to cast his own magic, and the gateway to the world of XI opens.
[FFRK] In memory of..
Something that came up my mind while playing Final Fantasy Record Keeper.
Posted in my FB before I post it here. 
Anyway, it's not much. Just some one-shot spur of moment to write it. 


Nick Name: Tomoko
Lol don't let that ID fool you I won't do that.

Anyway just some random person in life that has nothing else to do but browsing dA .. as frequent as I can.

Likes :
Nice people, nice food, nice anime/games, RP ( role-playing )

Rude people ( and some other kinds ), smokers (and I mean those who do not consider about others. If there's a friend who smokes but knows how to not do it in front of me, I am ok with him/her. ) , drunks, spicy food, food that's bad for health. Really bad games etc.

Current Residence: Somewhere
Favourite genre of music: OST of games or anime or movies
Favourite photographer: darkphoenix15.
Favourite style of art: pencil and/or pen doodling. Currently practicing tablet doodle
Favourite cartoon character: My likings changes from time to time.
Personal Quote: Sarcastically Sane
Goodness, I looked at my last few journals, and while depressing as it is (or was), I still grief.
But I know it's been taking too long.
Suck it up.
Get your backside back here, 
Stop logging on FB too much.

Life updates:

I am still babysitting my big sis' sons, so basically it's down with no job and never graduate.
I know there are people saying "You're on your last leg. Just grind it through and complete that ****** of yours."
But I think idling over 2 years just slows down the pace too much. I know people who moved ahead would never look back , and for one my age? I think it's just plain fact that I feel a complete waste of space. 

RP : 

Apparently only Knight and Naunen were the ones still continuing that Roleplay (Meian) from the forums long ago. But almost 3 weeks of absence makes the progress really slow. As I would feared in most years of RP, we, the players, grow up and move on with life, and leaving our imaginations and fun times a little behind. While I continue to idle in my imagination.

Cosplay : 

Somewhere there still, just not much. Been wanting to make effort in making own costume rather than spending money buying. (Plus I haven't the luxury to buy anyway). Just going to look forward to Comic Fiesta Mini and that's about it. Penang cosplay events are getting more frequent and making it annually for some, big or small or in-between. 

Gaming : 

A friend from Australia (from FB) started sharing ideas and finally got me trying to get emulators for some gaming consoles. 
And for the past year I played nothing but Dissidia Duodecim, and getting more interested in Legend of Zelda. Games played so far with emulators are : Ocarina of Time (completed), A Link to the Past (completed), The Minish Cap (completed), The Wind Waker (completed). Currently playing Twilight Princess (GC emulator). I played Majora's Mask and Oracles of Seasons halfway, and stopped somewhat. I do have the intention to continue those, but I honestly forgot where I was. Guess will start from scratch whenever I had the chance. 

Funny to mention that I had FF8 installed, but never touched it ><

Also played an android app called The Legend of Roland Action RPG (or more known as Fantasy Heroes under another developer), and while so far I find it not too bad, but somehow if they keep updating, it would never end, and I think I would get bored of it. 

Health : 

Mom just discharged from hospital from dengue fever, and I think her admission made me realise just how precious life is. I mean, I lost 2nd sis, and grieved about it. But I think I would go totally helpless and hopeless should one day mom... you know.

Me, I am somewhat alright. I might have some health issues here and there, but I think I can still be around for another decade or two.

Drawing : 

Ah, now comes the somewhat sad part. 
It appears that I have been idling from drawing, and whenever I picked up the stylus, it just seems .. vanishing away. I couldn't really draw a doodle straight, even though I had GIMP, Pixia, and recently, Krita, installed (haven't tried Krita yet). It's terrifying that I couldn't draw.  The same for piano.

Anime : 

I can say thank god Sailor Moon Crystal was showed. I am in a mix feeling for the remake but as of episode 4, I think it was well adapted from the manga. My only peeve is that all voice actors were changed, save for Usagi herself, and I couldn't completely accept it now, especially when I did not hear Hisagawa Aya being Mercury. Also been looking at Free! Iwatobi Swimming Club, and Kuroshitsuji : Book of Circus (which I think did justice than Season 2), and last but not least, RWBY Vol 2. 

Others : 

I was totally shocked to hear about the death of Robin Williams, and I think during that time, FB was all over about him. Greatly missed, this Genie, Nanny, The Kid Who Wouldn't Grow Up. When I realised his daughter was named after the Princess of Hyrule, it suddenly felt that this Hero of Time has gone. 

My... manga?

After those doodles of Star Saber, I still haven't got to deal with even beginning the story. I know some waited and waited, and I think by now they could be disappointed. (Comment if you are still waiting..) 


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Hey. Long time no chat. how are things with you nowadays?
caterpillartomoko Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
down ^^;
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Aw, I'm sorry to hear that D:
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Wow. "Marauding Mayhem". Ah, the memories of drawing those guys was quite fun XD. 
Thank you for remembering those fan arts.
Who are you in MM?
Razska Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I always enjoyed looking at your art ^.^ 
I'm afraid I didn't do much in the forums, but I did submit a picture (which doesn't seem to be there anymore). I usually just hung around in the background, looking at the updates XD
Naunen Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
Happy Christmas!
caterpillartomoko Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
Happy Christmas to you, too. Sorry this came late. I could hardly get online properly these days.
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It's okay. As long as you are doing well.
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Not so, afraid..
I'm down with cough and cold.. and doctor declared sis' condition as Stage 3 going 4 because it's spreading to other places now..
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Axcido Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice gallery ^__^ ♥!
caterpillartomoko Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012
Oh, thank you for the compliment : )
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It's been too long, luv. Hope you're doing well and thank you for the well wishes.
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Yeah it is. I hope I'm okay. (health-wise)
Lots of ups and downs really over here. But I'll keep going.
Deizzan Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2012
That's good, luv. Take care.
PyroKosia Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2012
Whats new?
caterpillartomoko Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2012
Hey there! Been a while.
Still alive, thank goodness. You?
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Still moving haha. Other than that the same.
caterpillartomoko Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012
Good good. :hug:
DeidaraE Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
heyyy wassuppp xD i was wondering what are those DrawPlz stuff in ur gallery? sounds interesting..=D how u doing anyway? ^^
caterpillartomoko Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012
The DrawPlz stuffs were drawings that I did in the DrawPlz Forum. Basically just pick a thread and draw that the title is. Then download the image and re-upload to your gallery.
Other than that I'm ok. You?
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